Saturday June 17 :: 8PM :: $8 in advance (tickets below) & $10 at the door

Our Seriousville born former Mayor, Emery Fine, has once again resumed power. Immediately after entering office one month ago, Mayor Fine passed The Grey Act, in which all things red were to be painted grey as the colour in question was deemed too “excited”. Major traffic jams have ensued.
However, election season has come once again! Thus, a series of brand new candidates have stepped up to the plate to overthrow Emery and take his place as Mayor.

This month some of the greatest artist-comedian-actors of Montreal have splintered off to build skyscrapers of hilarity in JOKETOWN, a short comedy show wherein the cast will write, produce, and perform FOUR BRAND NEW COMEDIES in LESS THAN A WEEK to stake their claims for political/satirical supremacy. Come exercise your democratic right to vote- the mayor IS elected by audience applause after all!

The candidates joining us for this round are:
Emery Fine
Emma Overton
Shawn Stenhouse
Emily Bilton
Philippe Gourdeau
Carolyn Sue
Sruti I.
Johan DeNora
Jacky Hamer
Stefan Spec
Emelia Grace Hellman
Ariel De Roo

Who will be… the new… MAYOR OF JOKETOWN?

Can’t get enough Joketown? Tune in to Joketown Radio JBBL 102.5 with god and legend, Stephen Trepanier!

Graphics by Wei-Wei Lin
Map by Keith Jones


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