RIFFING, one of the great pre/post-comedy show rituals. A long-standing tradition handed down to us from our stand-up forefathers. When the nervous excitement of performance is done and comics still feel the need for alcohol fuelled comedic validation, then the RIFFING begins.

THE RIFF is a unique opportunity to share that same good-times vibe with the audience. Part stand-up, part improv, two comics will work together to make-up jokes, on the spot, using absurd premises given to them when they hit the stage. Come for the RIFFs, stay for the awkwardness!

This edition will feature some of Montreal’s best comic-RIFF masters, including:

Scott Andrew Carter and Brad MacDonald
Travis Cannon and Mike Carrozza
Lise Vigneault and Paul Naiman

RIFF-hosting this RIFF-fest will be Daniel Carin and Chris Sandiford!

Admission is a measly $10 + online fees! Come check out this new experimental comedy show!


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