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ART-UP! XX  : marie meuleman – décalcomanies sur ma ville

Marie Meuleman, AKA Adel Szechwan, is a photographer of zero renown. Her favourite colour is blue, but she usually wears red. She began her photography practice after she received an heirloom camera that was a gift her mother had received on her 20th birthday. In addition to messing around with photography, Marie enjoys drawing on walls, cancelling important things in favour of frivolous things, the smell of Christmas, storms, figs, and thinking about her adversarial relationship with time. Her roots are deeply planted in Brussels, but she’s synced with the spirit of Montreal.

This photographic series, Décalcomanies sur ma ville, was made by overlaying silver print photographs of Brussels with photographs of Montreal. The images merge the cities together: specks of Montreal lost in Brussels; memories of Brussels embedded in Montreal.

Instagram: @marie.meuleman



© Photos: Studio Beluga
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