January 11th to 19th
After two wild and raucous runs, this treeplanter epic comedy returns for a third and final installment. The regular freaks of the forest are back in Northern Ontario where clearcutting and swamp odysseys still dominant the landscape. With Lark gone, Tina must rise up as a new Crew Boss and fight J-Ro and Marty. However a Multi-National Corporation wants to clearcut a record amount of old growth forest and the hardcore planters have to decide whether to Bag Up or Stand Up, against the Injustice.




Thursday, February 7th, 8pm to midnite
4 hours of original live television programming! Fresh shows every half hour all nite long! Comedy Shows, Primetime Soap Opera, Black and White Variety Show + tons of hilarious commercials! Come on down, buy a beer and a TV Dinner and watch us make television.

Featuring all these awesome comedians!

Alain Mercieca, Simon Chavarie, Morgan O'Shae, Lise Vignault, Wary Nichen, Cath Moreau, Anton Golikov, Reda Saoui, James Soares Correia, Maité Sinave, Tessa Brown, Danny Belair, Jason Hatrick, Pascale Jones, Stephen Spinola, Josh Budman, Rolo Zuniga, Paul Naiman as well as your hosts for the evening,...


Vaudeville 2.0


May 4th, Midnight
The Fabulous Fatstein Brothers have bent space and time to bring you the greatest Vaudeville show the present day has ever seen! The Fatsteins, the original hipsters, present a monthly revue of jokes, gags, yoks and sexy ladies at Theatre St. Catherine! Song and dance man, Mike Fatstein, along with his brother, master of slapstick, Massimo Fatstein, have performed at the 1928 World’s fair, toured with Samuel Beane and the Bean Band, and were described by Benito Mussolini as “going places” and...


The Pat and Bunny Show


Saturday, April 13th, 8pm
A most revolutionary television show comes to YOU, the fine gentleman and ladies of the Montreal area! And it's LIVE ON STAGE in all the black and white glory that it was. That's right folks! America's favorite couple are pulled straight from your 1950's black and white television set, and plopped on stage to bring you an entertainment-filled variety hour WITHOUT the moral-breaking evils of technicolor! With fine musical acts, death defying circus performers, and the comedy stylings of local laugh makers, you'll be sure to get your dime's worth!


LOUCHO “The Multicoloured Machine”


November 22 to December 2

Circus with a Story for Everyone

LOUCHO THE CLOWN is back in action in his newest sci-fi adventure. This time the mischievous villain Dunderwaits has seized control of the multicoloured machine with a deadly matrix that could destroy the entire world. In this hypermodern tech-crazed world destitute of colour, Loucho must swallow his fears, and embark on an epic journey to rescue his friends and restore color to our dark times. A heart-warming story about the importance of diversity with circus, clowns and live music.


Grinders: The Order of Good Cheer


Thursday, February 21st, 8pm

How to survive the winter? Be merry, drink spirits and make art!

The TSC All-Stars come together for a night in which a play will be laid out in one single night for your edification. A hilarious night that makes you feel good because the winter doesn’t always do that. The audience decides on the story as pathos and catharsis do battle.

Featuring the cream of the crop, Maité Sinave, Sandi Armstrong, Peter Stevens and special guest improvisers.


Loucho the clown

Nov. 22 to Dec. 2 at Théâtre Sainte Catherine

Stand Up/Strip Down


Friday, February 15th, 8:30pm

Stand Up / Strip Down is BACK!

Stand Up / Strip Down, ha has and ta tas for everyone! Everyone's favorite stand up and burlesque show resurrects in Montreal! Do you like jokes and boobs? OF COURSE YOU DO. That, in addition to some stellar hosting by the hilarious DeAnne Smith, is why you will love this show. Rocking the ha has we have: Scottish sensation Darren Henwood!, Hilarious cutie Mike Carrozza!, Toronto transplant Matt Shury! Shaking the ta tas we have: SU/SD super favorites Miss Sugarpuss, Lise Vigneault, and Frenchy Jones! Sexy new...


Where’s the Dep?


Saturday, February 16th, 9:30pm
Family Entertainment presents: Where's the Dep? A comedy show featuring: Keith Pedro (Video on Trial, NXNE, Comedy Records ), Nick Reynoldson (NXNE, Comedy records), Mike Rita ( NXNE), Bruno Ly, Keesha Brownie and Warren Rollox! Hosted by: Sandro Veri


Freedom Nation


Friday, November 30, 10PM

Montreal's best performers get all experimental and stuff. Stand up, sketch, monologues, music, dance, improv, fight songs and general tomfoolery fresh off the proverbial press. Always somewhat strange; always super fun. Montreal's Fringe darling Kirsten Rasmussen and charming Just for Laughs comedian DeAnne Smith join forces to host. Featuring Genius Gold, Shane Adamszack and more!


Étienne Dano


March 15th and 16th, 8pm
Étienne Dano is a charismatic and hilarious French Canadian comedian. His refreshing yet bizarre jokes manage to draw the audience in, bringing them along for quite the comedic journey. His mix of anecdotes, well thought out texts, and use of newsworthy topics make for a concrete and effective comedic style. Uncontrollable laughing is guaranteed for all! Etiennedano.com


Crayon Party!

crayon party logo

Thursday, February 14th, 8:30pm
Do something special this Valentines and bring your loved one to see performers take their mediocre drawing skills to the stage to literally illustrate the strange wonders which lurk within their minds. You too are given the chance to access your deepest feelings with crayola crayons & scraps of paper. An audience-wide drawing contest will round off the night, with winners selected by performers and the winnings FREE drinks. Don’t worry about talent, or your lack thereof, because the weird and the stupid are more likely to persuade the judges of your worthiness. It’s...



CD Launch November 29th take three

Thursday, November 29th, 9:30PM

Bad Uncle launches a new album. This five song mutation is full of unexpected experiments in bad taste, sonic blasphemy and lyrical faux pas. Joining us for the evening will be ACME BURLESQUE, a gang of spicy dames that will tease and tangle your repressed libido's to the accompaniment of live music. We also have...


BBQ POèTE – Le Nouveau Int’l 3rd Anniversary Party

BBQ POèTE – Le Nouveau Int’l 3rd Anniversary Party

Saturday, December 15th, 8:30PM
"BBQ POèTE" is Le Nouveau International's latest improvised play. Telling the tale of one legendary BBQ POèTE, who strove to unify a community only to see all hope grilled into oblivion, a bilingual comedy based on a story by Alain Mercieca. After the play, a cabaret awards ceremony will be held celebrating Le Nouveau International's 3rd year of existence as a purveyor of ART! A mix CD of all the best original songs from plays, a DVD with hilarious videos from our shows, and an EPIC evening for one and all to enjoy! STAND-UPS!...


True West


December 4th to 7th
Raise the Stakes Theatre Presents..True West a tale of two brothers. Austin, a successful young man with a family and a budding screenwriting career and Lee, an unshaven alcoholic, thief, and nomadic desperado, who has decided to return home after years in the Mojave desert. Amid the incessant yapping of coyotes, the simmering sibling rivalry boils over when Lee suddenly steals all of Austin's creative thunder...



'ART'-Theatre Ste. Catherine

February 28th to March 9th

MONTREAL’S BRAVE NEW PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS ‘ART’ the Tony-Award winning comedy by Yazmina Reza.

When Serge (Donald Rees) buys an outrageously expensive painting, it’s an act that may spark the downfall of his life-long friendships with Yvan (Sean Curley) and Marc (Nir Guzinski ). You see, the painting is entirely white and everyone has an opinion. What is art? Who gets to decide? A hilarious and thoughtful comedy directed by Emma McQueen. ‘ART’ is produced by David Reudelhuber with lighting design by Isabelle Tremblay.


Grinders All-Star Improv

grinders logo

Thursday, January 31st, 8pm
A crew of seasoned improvisers come together to bash out a longform show of laughs, alongside a brand new episode of GRINDERS! This will be one of those nights that everyone will say: I'm glad I lived to see that and am now significantly better as a person because of it.


L’Assemblée des Femmes

Théâtre Point!

April 3rd to 6th
La troupe de théâtre du programme universitaire d'Animation et Recherche Culturelles, le Théâtre Point!, vous présente L'Assemblée des Femmes d'Aristophane Cette comédie d'origine grecque, dont la mise en scène est inspirée du film La source des femmes de Radu Mihaileanu, nous transporte dans une ambiance maghrébine où les femmes prennent le pouvoir et où les hommes, un brin naïfs, sont complètement désorientés. Vous allez rire, peut-être même allez-vous pleurer, mais dans tous les cas vous allez adorer!




June 28th and 29th

The 10 year anniversary continues. One month after the closing of their critically acclaimed presentation of ‘ART’, Brave New Productions is proud and honoured to announce their first Summer 2013 production – the Montreal premiere of the ground-breaking “Standing On Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays”, a collection of 9 plays by award-winning authors (Mo Gaffney, Moises Kaufman, Paul Raudnick, Neil LaBute & more) exploring the ever-changing landscape of equality and it’s impact on the human experience. “STANDING ON CEREMONY holds a magnifying glass to the highs and lows, joys and fears, courage and silliness, of people bucking...




Thursday, March 14th, 9:30PM
The Bible: the most popular book in the world. Why? Well, for starters, it's got some wicked cool stories like ones about a boat full of animals and a guy who can turn water into libation. Some might argue the popularity of '50 Shades of Grey" but with the Romneys, TLC's Sister Wives and Oprah's Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the Bible still proves to be an important cultural fixture in our modern21st century. Comedian, ROBBY HOFFMAN (Women In Comedy Festival Boston) created and presents COMEDY IN BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS—a show which she and fellow comics WALTER J....