Sandi Armstrong Improv Workshop

Saturday nov 22nd & Sunday 23rd, 2014

12-4PM + Sunday Night Show @ TSC

$100 (discount for company members)

Le Nouveau International present

Sandi Armstrong Improv Workshop

Sandi Armstrong has been teaching SUNDAY NIGHT IMPROV workshops at Théâtre Ste Catherine for over ten years now. Based on her extensive improv and acting experience, this class is for actors, artists and anyone who wants to push their communication and performance skills. Her unique approach focuses on the individual’s personality for developing simple physical and emotional skills which are valuable both on and off the stage. You will learn the art of storytelling, stagecraft, being in the moment, and finding your voice.

Nerd Nite

Tuesday October 28th, 7PM to 9PM

Nerd Nite is like seeing three TED talks, except the talks are modest about being world-changing ideas and you may or may not be drinking beer. The franchise of Nerd Nite had its inception in New York City and has since spread to the order of one-hundred cities all over the world. Montreal was not one of them… until now! Nerd Nite will hopefully become a monthly event, but that’s contingent upon the success of this premiere. The three speakers who will be kicking off Nerd Nite Montreal are Peter Hartman, who will be talking about how science isn’t at conflict with religion like we think it is; Najmeh Khalili-Mahani, who will be talking about how our brains respond to stress; and Natalie Zina Walschots, who will be talking about the ways that video games resist critique as pieces of art. Between talks, meet fellow nerds and answer trivia questions!

Denizens of the Dépanneur – The little Depanneur that could

Tuesday November 4th, 9PM
Free entrance

Dépflies has made it to the top 55 projects in the ComedyCoup!!!!! To celebrate and as a thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far, we are hosting an open and FREE event at Théâtre Ste. Catherine celebrating Montréal and all things DÉP.

Montréal band Dear Denizen, Julien Tremblay, Lise Vigneault, Sandi Armstrong, Maité Sinave, Jess Soloman

Dear Denizen
Was formed in early 2012 by Congolese-Canadian singer-songwriter Chris Ngabonziza, other members are Jeff Louch, Alex Hackett, Bucky Wheaton and Alex Crow. Jeff Louch composes original music for DÉPFLIES

Francophone stand-up comic Julien Tremblay
Accompanied with his guitar and his deep voice, Julien Tremblay’s jokes creates a wave of hilariousness in the room as he uses his entire body to tell the joke.

Montreal born Standup comedian Jess Salomon
A former UN war crimes lawyer turned stand up comic. The Montreal Metro has called her comedy “charming and intelligent”. She calls it “raconteur-ish, personal, dirty on a good night”.

As well as “dépologues” : monologues, performed by the cast of DÉPFLIES from past theatrical episodes, a performance of our theme song and a screening of our newest video.

Please come out and support our little dép that could as we vie for a spot in the top 15!


Best Night Ever

Thursday, february 19th 2015


$5 – Tickets available at the door

Le Nouveau International presents:

Hosted by stand-up legend Scott Carter
Theatre Ste. Catherine’s House Sketch Team featuring Katie Leggitt, Paul Naiman, Deirdre Trudeau, Jacob Greco, Stefan Petersen & Lise Vigneault!

Jesus Christ Super Band IV

Thursday april 9th to Saturday april 18th 2015


$15 / Door $18

Le Nouveau presents

Jesus Christ Super Band IV

So much righteousness God himself will feel threatened. Jesus Christ and his Super Band will be rocking out the cult classic film live in front of your faces, for the most monumental week-long concert ever!
Nail down the dates!
Sandi Armstrong as JESUS CHRIST (Sunday Night Improv),
Christian Ngabonziza a.k.a NGÂBO (Dear Denizen, Ngabo) as JUDAS ISCARIOT,
Jeff Louch (Dear Denizen, Victory Chimes, Melissa Auf Der Maur) as PONTIUS PILATE,
Warren Spicer (Plants & Animals) as MARY MAGDALENE,
Tony Spina (Victory Chimes) as PETER,
Eric Digras (Plants and Animals, Guy Beaujolais) as ANNAS/SIMON ZEALOT,
Josée Forsyth Morrissette (urockeoke) as CAIAPHAS,
Liam Tucker (Victory Chimes) as BARTHOLOMEW,
Alain Mercieca as KING HEROD
Choreography and dance by Lise Vigneault

Art Up! by Béluga @ TSC // Dave Biddle // Finissage

Tuesday February 17th, 6 to 9PM – FREE

If all art is artifice, Dave Biddle’s work is an act of authenticity. Transparent in its appropriation of photographic source material and containing behind-the-scenes film stills from major motion pictures, he paints on canvases that are almost ironic in their scale. His animations are the story of their own existence, as is the gradual development of this exhibit. As he builds his animations in real time, the final “cells” of those works will be displayed as artifact, leading up to a public screening on February 17th.

Much Ado About Nothing

November 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 2014

Presented by Raise the Stakes Theatre and Jubilee Theatre

Shakespeare’s classic comedy, is a joyous celebration abundant with romance, sparring wits, deception, and misunderstanding. It centers on young Hero and Claudio, who become immediately enraptured with each other when the men return victorious from war. Benedick and Beatrice, on the other hand, vow to never marry and instead protest their disdain for one another while engaging in a heated battle of wits. The plot thickens when disguises are assumed, identities are mistaken, and the sanctity of love is called into question.

LAFF: Loud and Funny Femmes

Saturday, march 21th 2015

$8 students // $10 regular


Women in Comedy Mtl presents:

LAFF : Loud and Funny Femmes

Join us for a splendid night of comedy featuring some of Montreal’s funniest ladies! There will be sketch, improv, storytelling, stand-up and more! But mostly those 4 things.

TSC Sketch Night – October

Saturday Oct. 18th, 8PM

$10 (2 for 1 for students available at the door with ID)

Have you ever had your socks knocked off so hard that they ended up safely back on your feet, no problem? Well that’s going to happen on a monthly basis!

Featuring: Greg Rider, Chris and Daniel, Dink Floyd and the TSC House Team

Hosted by Tommy Marshall

Mathieu Cyr

10th & 13th Sept,
1st Oct
8:30 PM

Recipient of the “Prix Révélation du Grand Rire de Québec” and rising star in the comedy industry, Mathieu Cyr never ceases to surprise with his unique style and punchy humour.

The Intervention of Morgan O’Shea

August 30th, 9pm

Stand-up Comedian Morgan O’Shea is throwing his own birthday party and he birthday happens to be the same day that he started comedy – so it’s also a 7 year comedy anniversary. To fit the event he is hosting an intervention where you, the audience, get to tell Morgan all the shitty things about him to his face. Or just come and heckle.

HMZ Project Album Launch – La Préface

Thursday September 4th, 9:00PM

La Préface is the first album of HMZ project and is the result of 7 years of collaboration. It proposes a musical journey that reflects the very
own course of the two musicians. Starting with lyrical and organic pieces with piano and voice only, the album develops into a wider presence of electronic experimentation gradually replacing the piano completely. Ma-Au creates ambitious universes and musical scenery, always delivered with a nostalgic and urgent dexterity. Zéa’s sinuous and tormented texts respond perfectly alongside, carried by a fragile, mesmerizing and sensual voice.