Match Made in Hell: Romantic Bacon


December 10, 2011, 8PM

Dion and Betty, Montreal’s favourite scenester-hosers return for a new tale of debauchery. This comedy enjoyed a great first season with six original, punk rock plays last year. The two hosers are now going to the sierras of Spain to espouse their theories of bacon. Backed by new music and new videos, this Match Made in Hell should be a grand ol’ time at the THHHHHeatre. (emphasis on the “th”).


Le Nouveau International’s 2nd Anniversary Party


December 10, 2011, 10PM

With only two years of “official” not-for-profit status, Le Nouveau International celebrates its existence for the first time ever (other than every single show being a celebration). Le Nouveau legends will be present, Sandi Armstrong, Kirsten Rasmussen et compagnie. Drinks, Giveaways, Makin’ Art dvd collective, karaoke, Maison Kasini, DJs, prizes, awards and the usual punk rock debauchery will ensure a solid night is had by all. Bring your own brain.


Cornered by Jim Burke


November 23rd to December 3rd

Winner “BEST NEW PLAY” Manchester Evening News

“Set in the murky world of small-time boxing, where the fight for survival isn't confined to the ring”

-News North West

Presented by Rabbit in a Hat Productions
in collaboration with Le Nouveau International




December 5, 2011, 8:30PM

Montreal's most daring improvisers, Francophones and Anglophones together, presents a one-night-only atypical show : An impro-théâtre-comédie about themselves.


The Drunken Show


Thursday, December 8, 10:30PM

After a three year hiatus the Drunken Show has returned. "The Hempire Strikes Back!" This year Montreal's most popular underground comedy show will have music, videos and the drunkest comics we could detour from walking into an AA meeting.


Cornered by Jim Burke


Rabbit in a Hat Productions, in collaboration with Le Nouveau International, present Cornered by Jim Burke. Two Cornermen discuss the ins and outs of their in-the-ring counterparts.  A drama about human relations and power dynamics among the gritty men behind boxing rings. MORE ABOUT THE SHOW SHOWS Wednesday, November 23, 8PM Thursday, November 24, 8PM Friday, November 25, 8PM Saturday, November 26, 8PM Sunday, November 27, 2PM Tuesday, November 29, 8PM Wednesday, November 30, 8PM Thursday, December 1, 8PM Friday, December 2, 8PM Saturday, December 3, 8PM Tickets $17.00 Select Your Date & Time : Wednesday, November 23, 8PMThursday,...


Theatre Sainte Catherine Teams Up
with Maison Kasini

Maison Kasini and Theatre Ste-Catherine are pleased to announce that they, along with Le Nouveau International, will be working together to promote the theatre, improv comedy, and other types of performance.


Magic Moments in Flamenco


Thursday, April 26th, 8PM

Marta and Richard have been performing traditional flamenco together for twenty years. They have taken their music around the world, including regions where traditional flamenco has its roots – India, the Middle East, parts of Europe and Spain. Before going on tour to Hungary and Romania, traditional flamenco singer and guitarist Marta and Richard, present a concert of two hours that will excite to the depths of your being.


She’s Got A Shape Comedy Tour


Friday, November 18 & Saturday, November 19

The six lady comics will be at Theatre Sainte Catherine for two nights only!

The She's Got A Shape Tour features comedy troupes Cheap Smokes, Ladystache and stand-up comedy by Diana Love and Julia Hladkowicz.


J.P. Mortier Sings The Only Bar


Wednesday, November 16, 8PM

J.P. Mortier gives a sneak peek of his latest album, based on the songbook by Alain Mercieca from THE ONLY BAR. Cast members from the hit play (“A theatrical experience unlike any you will ever have...brave songs...'five stars') may even be present to join in as J.P. adds a full band to the tragic musical that stole audiences hearts at the fringe festival.

One Night Only


Robin Hood


Saturday, April 21st, 2PM

Robin Hood was ahead of his time. A true crusader for the medieval 99%, he stole from the rich and redistributed the wealth to the citizens of Nottingham. The Senior Autism Class from The Montreal Children’s Theatre proudly presents their take on this classic tale. These autistic teens will dazzle you, proving that there are no limits to their creativity and dedication.


A very bad day! or the trick of the shoelaces

affiche x1

Friday, October 12, 8:30PM

by and with Ludovic Rose
8 very funny sketchs (except one),
6 completely screwy characters,
21 comical positions,
3 puns and 1 story which doesn’t make sense,
= 1h15 of fun, happiness and entertainment guaranteed !


Flipside Comedy Night!


Friday, November 11, 8PM

Flipside comedy is what happened when four Montreal comedians, one Montreal Indie wrestler and one Montreal technical producer decided to get together and pool their hard earned, measly comedy dollars into a little something on the side.

Welcome to the Flipside!




Une Journée de Merde!


Saturday, April 14th, 8:30PM

Paris, March 28th… Luc’s day has started rather well. And then, disaster strikes : his wife leaves him. You will quickly understand why. Luc launches a desperate call to his relatives. But will he be able to count on the support of his in-laws ? Of his own father ? By the way, what really happened that day? This is what Luc is going to try and tell you. 8 sketches, 6 different characters, more than one hour of fun at a very smart price, 100%


The Last Hollandaise Sauce


Saturday, November 12, 8PM

Marc-André goes to a garage for a tire change during a storm. There he finds himself trapped with two strangers who inform him that they are the last three people in Quebec. The entire population has left.

Written and directed by Jonathan James Cramer - Starring Morgan O'Shea, George Hamilton Braithwaite, Robby Hoffman