Thursday, June 20th, 8pm

COME CHECK OUT “BADFELLAS”, good catholics boys gone bad!!!

GUIDO COCOMELLO, fresh of shows in Atlantic City and NYC, star of Vittorio Rossi’s critically acclaimed play “Paradise by the River” & the upcoming fall smash Centaur Theatre hit “St. Leonard Chronicles” by Steve Galluccio.
MARK DEBONIS, WINNER of this years “Great Canadian Laugh Of” and Just For Laughs festival where he performed at the national Homegrown Comedy Competition representing his city of Toronto.
MASSIMO, Just for Laughs national Homegrown Comedy Competition representing Montreal, and just finished shooting an episode of Spike TVs, ” Blue Mountain State.”
Also featuring two of Montreal’s best up and coming and very funny comedians Heavy T and Gino Durante.


Friday, April 12th, 9pm

Spring Equinox Costume Celebration

A Collective Variety Show featuring LIVE Music, Painting, Dance, Costumes, Activities and Kiosks…

Et si nous étions des veaux?

May 10th and 11th, 8pm

A completely disjointed spectacle that illustrates the impossible into the possible. This is the disorder of interpersonal relationships, the strange fantasies that people can have, the constant search of our identity as a human in this crazy world. It’s also the relationship of the artist in relation to the viewer, which sometimes becomes very personal despite the distance and the fiction that theatre can bring. It’s a short show, loaded with questions…

Andrew Searles is “C’est Moi! C’est Chocolat!”

March 28th, 29th, and 30th
One of Montreal’s up and rising stars is taking it to the big leagues by debuting his own headlining weekend. Andrew Searles is “C’est Moi! C’est Chocolat!”. Join Andrew for this amazing 2 hour show of hilarity as he discusses his personal life experiences from his upbringing, being ethnic in Canada, his awkward situations, to his discussions on sexuality. He’s been voted 4 years in a row by the Montreal Mirror and has a comedy special for iChannel debuting on TV in 2013! Also joining him on stage is Rodney Ramsey, Guido Cocomello, with your host Franco Taddeo!


October 25th to October 31st

A sinister, psycho-sexual treat for the senses and the senseless.

“The only Haunted Theatrical Experience In The City.” “NO!” will guide you through a labyrinthine tale of horrors and delights…of hellish fantasies and despondent realities…of quiet desperation turned into a torrent of wrath. This Halloween, trade in your bag of treats for a house of freaks and watch the unfurling tale of…

10,000 Plays

October 19 and 20, 8pm

10,000 Plays by Le Nouveau International

This play is a comedic gut check about what is worth doing in this one little life. Leo arrives in Montreal in the winter and meets a group of struggling artists grinding it out. What follows is an explosion of molten imagination. Will it save them or kill them all?

Improv Workshop “Your Greatest Stories Ever Told”

October 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st, 2:00PM – 5:00PM

Peter Stevens returns to Montreal for a new Improv Workshop dedicated to bringing your improv to the highest level: creating scenes that satisfy the entertainer and the artist inside of us. Peter will be working with you to bring your improv beyond the classic core skills to finding those rare, resonant scenes that stay in the minds of viewers and performers for years. Let’s increase those times where…

Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Friday, February 22nd

A night of rhythm and ruckus featuring:

Manic Pixie Dream Girls,

Paisley Wilde,


and the comedic stylings of Dan Carin


Oct 25th to 31st at Théâtre Sainte Catherine

Bad Ladies and the Detective

Thursday, April 11th, 9:30PM

The Good Ladies are here to remind you… Burlesque is Freedom! With a Cutting Edge Multimedia Neo-Burlesque Show.
There are some very Bad Ladies (and two bad men) on the loose! A group of sequined freedom-seekers have escaped the tyrannical surveillance of our future government and joined Josephine’s Underground Cabaret. They are bringing their message of rebellion, freedom and joyful striptease back to…

C’est Frank, tout va bien

April 17 to 27 avril

Come here, Jimmy-Boy, Let me tell you a story, It would get dark as noir, With the rythmn of jazz in speakeasies, Cigars and lots of smoke, Dark deserted alleys and a light at the end, A lamp wavering over a table, Moonshine hidden in barrels, And all around, them, Those people who aren’t who they seem, Some cigars, some revolvers, lots of money, Poker night, The sound of the cards, turning, Burn, Fold, They’re playing a dangerous game

DéPFLIES “Maximum Paradise”

September 27th to October 5th
Dépflies, the only live bilingual comedy series in Montreal returns for a fifth installment. DéPFLIES follows the denizens of a depanneur in historic St-Henri. The owners, Peter and Marie-Isa battle tradition and modernity, family and dreams. Peter finds himself entangled in a church romance, while his roomates Nancie and Roger, are about to start their own family. Issues of faith come to the fore in an hilarious romp into ecclesiastic Quebec.


Saturday, August 25th 8:30PM

Match Made in Hell, Montreal’s finest hoser comedy troupe returns to the stage with Match Made in Hell X: Trops Too Much. Dion and Betty, two hosers with a rock spirit unlike any other human souls, find themselves embroiled in an election disaster. Neo-vaudeville bilingual sketch comedy at its finest.

Freedom Nation

Tuesday, October 9, 8PM

Let’s found a country and call it AWESOME. Montreal’s most creative artists get together for a fun, experimental night of anything goes. Sketch, stand up, dance, music, improv, monologues, puppetry, weirdness. The wackier the better. Whatever, man. Presented and hosted by award-winning stand up comic DeAnne Smith.