The Underground Comedy Railroad Show

Friday, February 28th, 8:30pm

The Underground Comedy Railroad tour is the first all-black Canadian comedy tour, which introduces the voices from a next-generation of black Canadian comedians.

This February 2014, begins the third edition of “The Underground Comedy Railroad”. During black history month the Railroad will be expanding to 9 Canadian Cities including Vancouver!

One Voice

Friday June 6th, 9PM – Doors at 8PM

One Voice – a music video release party to spread arthritis awareness

Come join us for the official and exclusive launch of an original music video release to raise awareness for arthritis. This is a one-night event only and a chance to relish in the music stylings of Montreal’s best home-grown soul and funk singer Angela SOLO. SOLO lends her beautiful, sultry voice to her own version of a popular song brought to life in this video to spread awareness for a great cause and it’s also a chance to hang out and party with her afterward. This is an affordable evening that will entertain and also help children and adults alike who suffer from this terrible chronic disease.


Saturday, June 7th, 8PM

Extravaganz’arts is a festive concept of an eclectic evening showcasing the artistic diversity of the Montreal and Quebec underground scene. The show will take place in the evening on June 7 at Theatre Ste-Catherine in Montreal and workshops will be offered in the afternoon. The event is organized to raise funds for the 5th edition of ‘Cabaret Danse Macabre’ . This is an opportunity to support local artists during this surprising and unique evening. Extravaganz’arts, a celebration of artistic diversity!


July 11, 12, 10pm

In 1976, four high school boys from Dublin started a rock band. In 1992, a Montreal teenager saw his first U2 concert. Mixing storytelling, theatrical performance and painstakingly accurate concert recreations, All I Want is U2 is the story of one of the world’s biggest rock bands and one of their biggest fans, writer/performer Stéfan Cédilot.


July 11, 10pm

July 12, 10pm

Short film screening: Anonymous

Tuesday, April 8th, 5-7

Frustrated by a suffocating capitalist, Marco develops a profound admiration for the Anonymous movement. This admiration grows within him, and when being a fan of the movement is no longer enough, he decides to appropriate this worldwide phenomenon. With the help of a long-time friend, he forms a plan of online attack. Their only common goal is to paralyze the government’s online information systems. With many hurdles in their way, they quickly discover that retaining their anonymity is nearly impossible.


Saturday, June 22nd, 9pm

Montreal’s hottest young comics take the Sainte Catherine stage on June 22nd. Mike Meo (CBC secrets of Montreal with Sugar Sammy and Young Guns of Comedy at the Comedy Nest) has been turning heads in the Montreal comedy scene for years. His insightful social commentary is always hilarious. Andy Tenderloins (Go To Health Fitness Club, Los Angeles) has entertained audiences across the continent for over two years. He’s taken time off from his “Best Abs” rivalry with international soccer star, David Beckham, in order to do this show. Tenderloins doesn’t take jabs at the competition, he eats his rivals. Pantelis (4H Podcast, Comedy Nest Presents) is the newest kid on the block. His direct and obscene style of comedy has had the city talking for over a year. The kid from Parc-Ex is sure to leave you smiling. The show will be hosted by the amazingly talented, and always hilarious Darren Henwood!

Edward Albee’s Homelife & The Zoo Story

January 9th to 18th, 8PM

A master American playwright comes to Theatre Ste Catherine in January with a tale of married life and a horny, vicious dog. Edward Albee’s At Home at the Zoo combines the 1958 classic The Zoo Story with Homelife, a prequel composed in 2004. Beneath the surface of normality, it is a compelling human tale poised between engaging with other people in all their uncertainty and fierceness, and the danger of withdrawing and losing all humanity with our fellow animals.


Thursday, August 22, 8PM

As she prepares to set out for Europe – where she will stop in England, France and Germany – Caracol is back on the Montreal scene graciously offering to us first, an all-new acoustic show. In the presence of Theatre Sainte Catherine, a unique and intimate performance where this beautiful singer, songwriter will revisit, along with her collaborators and musicians Manuel Gasse and Audrey-Michèle Simard, songs from her previous Francophone albums L’ARBRE AUX PARUMS and BLANC MERCREDI, and of course her latest English album SHIVER. This will make for a soft, mesmerizing night … a very special moment.

Jesus Christ Super Band

March 20th to 23rd

Théâtre Ste. Catherine runneth-over with mirth and music celebrating the greatest ROCK OPERA ever made. So much righteousness God himself will feel threatened. Jesus Christ and his Super Band will be rocking out the cult classic film live in front of your faces, for the most monumental week-long concert ever…


January 11th to 19th
After two wild and raucous runs, this treeplanter epic comedy returns for a third and final installment. The regular freaks of the forest are back in Northern Ontario where clearcutting and swamp odysseys still dominant the landscape. With Lark gone, Tina must rise up as a new Crew Boss and fight J-Ro and Marty. However a Multi-National Corporation wants to clearcut a record amount of old growth forest and the hardcore planters have to decide whether to Bag Up or Stand Up, against the Injustice.


Thursday, February 7th, 8pm to midnite
4 hours of original live television programming! Fresh shows every half hour all nite long! Comedy Shows, Primetime Soap Opera, Black and White Variety Show + tons of hilarious commercials! Come on down, buy a beer and a TV Dinner and watch us make television.

Featuring all these awesome comedians!

Alain Mercieca, Simon Chavarie, Morgan O’Shae, Lise Vignault, Wary Nichen, Cath Moreau, Anton Golikov, Reda Saoui, James Soares Correia, Maité Sinave, Tessa Brown, Danny Belair, Jason Hatrick, Pascale Jones, Stephen Spinola, Josh Budman, Rolo Zuniga, Paul Naiman as well as your hosts for the evening, Sandi Armstrong and Stefan Petersen!

Vaudeville 2.0

May 4th, Midnight
The Fabulous Fatstein Brothers have bent space and time to bring you the greatest Vaudeville show the present day has ever seen! The Fatsteins, the original hipsters, present a monthly revue of jokes, gags, yoks and sexy ladies at Theatre St. Catherine! Song and dance man, Mike Fatstein, along with his brother, master of slapstick, Massimo Fatstein, have performed at the 1928 World’s fair, toured with Samuel Beane and the Bean Band, and were described by Benito Mussolini as “going places” and…

The Pat and Bunny Show

Saturday, April 13th, 8pm
A most revolutionary television show comes to YOU, the fine gentleman and ladies of the Montreal area!
And it’s LIVE ON STAGE in all the black and white glory that it was. That’s right folks! America’s favorite couple are pulled straight from your 1950’s black and white television set, and plopped on stage to bring you an entertainment-filled variety hour WITHOUT the moral-breaking evils of technicolor! With fine musical acts, death defying circus performers, and the comedy stylings of local laugh makers, you’ll be sure to get your dime’s worth!