Flipside Comedy Night!


Friday, November 11, 8PM

Flipside comedy is what happened when four Montreal comedians, one Montreal Indie wrestler and one Montreal technical producer decided to get together and pool their hard earned, measly comedy dollars into a little something on the side.

Welcome to the Flipside!




Une Journée de Merde!


Saturday, April 14th, 8:30PM

Paris, March 28th… Luc’s day has started rather well. And then, disaster strikes : his wife leaves him. You will quickly understand why. Luc launches a desperate call to his relatives. But will he be able to count on the support of his in-laws ? Of his own father ? By the way, what really happened that day? This is what Luc is going to try and tell you. 8 sketches, 6 different characters, more than one hour of fun at a very smart price, 100%


The Last Hollandaise Sauce


Saturday, November 12, 8PM

Marc-André goes to a garage for a tire change during a storm. There he finds himself trapped with two strangers who inform him that they are the last three people in Quebec. The entire population has left.

Written and directed by Jonathan James Cramer - Starring Morgan O'Shea, George Hamilton Braithwaite, Robby Hoffman