Legends in the Making

Friday, June 1st, 8PM

DAVE MERHEJE (Winner of 2011 Just For Laughs Homegrown Competition) and ARTHUR SIMEON (HBO’s Funny as Hell) are joining comedic talents to bring MONTREAL a comedy show that is probably going to make you laugh so much you’ll clap at least twice. Dave Merheje is a Windsor native whose unique style has garnered critical acclaim. Ugandan-born Arthur Simeon is a gifted storyteller who keeps his audiences riveted…

Liar Liar Show

Thursday, May 17th, 8PM

“Liar Liar Show” is Montreal’s only live game show.

It is a brand new style of storytelling comedy show meant to not only bring top names in Canadian comedy to Montreal, but also to showcase the best of Montrealʼs comics in an original and interactive way.

Peter Stevens

Friday, April 20th, 8PM

Peter Stevens (aka Nemo Dally) presents his best material that he has developped over the course of the past year. From the completely surreal to the straight-faced satirical, Peter’s range and hilarity will be on display, a glimpse into a bright future for one of Canada’s finest comedians.

Opening act: Dog in Jacket

El Jaguar

Wednesday, May 23rd, 10:30pm

Retired and washed up former WWF luchador and emotionally broken single father, available to bring the laughter once the bar for expectations has been lowered.
Combining improvisation and comedy club precision El jaguar delivers a raucous evenings entertainment that not only involves the audience but makes them witness to an event that will never be repeated again.

“A bundle of nervous energy on stage, Flores is one of those rare performers who can combine tragedy and comedy in the same scene. You Can tell he’s got demons.” -Glenn Sumi, NOW magazine, Toronto
Derek Flores has traveled from edmonton to edinburgh, montreal to melbourne, saskatoon to syndey and has always left the houses begging for more.”

Dépflies – Moé Pis Toé

April 5th-7th

Dépflies, Montreal’s only live bilingual serial comedy returns for episode three “Moé Pis Toé”…all the ingredients are there for another wild and hilarious episode of Dépflies!

Match Made in Hell: SUBTLE MOTIFS

Saturday, March 24th, 8PM

Montreal Narrative Sketch Comedy Dynamo Dion and Betty re-unite! Dion and Betty, two Haligonian hosers embracing the québecois ways, this time they get embroiled in the jazz scene. Wild starlets, hot crooners, and subtle motifs all push and pull at their mullets as Betty and Dion realize that Dixieland may still be alive. Punk rock comedy at its best.

Mama’s Club

March 1st to 10th, 2012

Montreal. 1942. Bob Lelouche, a blue collar French-Canadian regales us with stories from a belle époque of his own. Montreal’s economy is expanding, and people from around the world are migrating to sin city and discovering the wild club scene. Mama, is one such migrant, and her mystical and eccentric club rockets to the top of the scene, on the wings of the Dulcet-Voiced Marie. Marie gets caught up in a love story of danger and family that goes deeper than she could have ever imagined.

Le Nouveau International presents… a bilingual cabaret play by Catherine Moreau featuring Sandi Armstrong, TJ Harris, Caroline Braun, Simon Chavarie, Mark Louch, Alain Mercieca, Liliane Moussa, Marilyn Daoust, Marie-Pier Oligny and Amélie Pouliot. A story for those with a penchant for nostalgia and old eras, and a good old solid dose of that québecois cabaret reality.

Failure to Thrive

Saturday, April 21st, 10PM

From the producers of “UnderCover” and “The Last Hollandaise Sauce…”, comes “Failure to Thrive: Sketch-Meets-Lit,” is a sketch comedy show featuring Kris Dulgar, Morgan O’Shea, G. Hamilton Braithwaite. This is a story about 3 stand-up comedians from Montreal focused on the struggle to “make it” in the alternative comedy scene. Our boys will examine what is holding them back, and are ready to let everyone know what they are going to do about it! Also, our special guest, Jeff Oliver, will give a short reading from his debut novel, “Failure to Thrive.”…

Grinders presents…

Friday May 13th, 8PM

A variety show with one of most exciting line-ups assembled in recent history: Graham Cuthbertson, Patrick Costello, Peter Stevens, Sandi Armstrong, Heidi Lynne Weeks, Geniusgold and Jeff Louch traipse across the stage performing old and new numbers, in what may become an outlet for Montreal’s theatre and comedy community. Music, sketch, stand-up and a blatant pro-strike bias.


May 3rd to 5th

Théâtre Sainte-Catherine transforms into a circus tent. Circus creatures are on display for YOU! Come see contortionists, jugglers, acrobats and other beasts in a refreshing blast of underground circus cabaret. Free yourself from the obscurity of social apathy, and tatoo your retinas with these tidbits of wild art!!
Welcome to our circus…With Erika Nguyen, Maude Parent, Alba Faivre, Émile Pineault, Mishannock Ferrero, François Bouvier, Sébastien Raud, Johan Prytz and Jimmy Gonzalez…

Next-Last Cabaret!

Friday, April 27th, 8PM

Back for one night only! Cirque underground! Freakshow métaphysique! De l’être pur, des êtres purs, real live freaks, belles chansons & paillettes!! and sexy girls in the air / filles à poil dans les airs!


May 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th

Theatre 317 was born over fifteen years ago when a group of bright students were introduced to the stage by an inspired teacher. Many years later, the troupe continues to produce extraordinary plays for its loyal audience.
This year, some of the troupe’s finest bring to you Rumors by Neil Simon. When Charlie is found bloodied…