We all know how it ends up…
There are rumours and whispers of strange tales of ritual, sacrifice, and powerful orders that trace their origins to the very dawn of recorded time.

You want to look away.

You close your eyes.

You don’t think about the grand scheme and it’s terrifying consequences—But someone IS!

And all you know is that you are truly NOT the master of your own fate.

This Halloween, Theatre Ste-Catherine will throw back the curtain and expose the puppet masters- the people pulling the strings in the dark. Join us, if you dare, as we explore the ending, the beginning, and everything that came between. But be warned—this is one truth that may not set you free…

A sinister, psycho-sexual treat for the senses and the senseless.

Unveiling but once a year…Neighbours Productions presents FIN
to mark the 6th year of Montreal’s ONLY guided House of Haunts

Bring your friends and enemies
“The only Haunted Theatrical Experience In The City.”


starting at 8pm tours run steady until late
Wednesday, October 30th
Thursday, October 31st
Friday, November 1st
Saturday, November 2nd


$20 TO GET OUT!!!
(online purchase fee)

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