Flipside Comedy Night!

Flipside comedy is what happened when four Montreal comedians, one Montreal Indie wrestler and one Montreal technical producer decided to get together and pool their hard earned, measly comedy dollars into a little something on the side.

Welcome to the Flipside!

We are Montreal comedians Mike Paterson, Rodney Ramsey, Massimo, Paul B, Eman and Kirsten Rasmussen. Our crew includes Josh Baluyot, a… Montreal Indie wrestler who hung up his boots to become a filmmaker and Philipe Najarian who always was a filmmaker and hangs up his boots to wear flip-flops whenever he can. We’ve been creating some amazing videos together and we are excited to be able to share them with you on this brand spanking new site. There’s plenty more on the way so get comfortable, grab some flip-flops and get to know the flipside. We can’t agree on anything so we film everything. Like Montreal, we are a diverse group that doesn’t always get along. We are harnessing that weirdness in order to create hilarious videos. We invite you to come by our website and laugh at us, at yourselves, and at this crazy city. We want to create a place for Montreal Comedy to shine, and we want to connect with people with our comedy. We have been getting some of the funniest people in Canada to perform in short sketches with us. We’ve been creating amazing videos together and we’re also going to start putting on some really explosive live shows, taking advantage of our collective talent as well as our talented friends.

The first live show is at Theatre Sainte Catherine, Friday, November 11th where you can expect to see some of your favorite flipsiders in the flesh, as well as some brand new videos screening exclusively right in front of your hungry hungry eyes. Come on over and have a laugh, find out just how funny it is when you see the flipside of things!

See more at flipsidecomedy.com


Friday, November 11, 8PM


$15.00 Regular Admission
$12.00 Students

For tickets, contact Rodney Ramsey at  514-570-3198.