Pouzza Fest


May 19,20,21 2017

Pouzza Fest is a punk rock music festival set to take place in downtown Montreal, Quebec from May 19 to 21, 2017.

Over 150 bands will perform in different venues all within walking distance from each other.

It takes its name from the blending of poutine and pizza, creating the word Pouzza.


POUZZA FEST is the brainchild of L’ÉCURIE and its goal is to showcase the sense of community which has been at the core of the punk rock scene from its very start. We wish for this event to be a huge party for everyone involved. We want every attendee to be able to see their favorite bands, to discover new ones, to meet new friends and to experience an all-around unique weekend in the wonderful setting that is Montreal.

For more info, check out pouzzafest.com/

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