The Sketch Republic presents: Peter n’ Chris!

Come celebrate Saint Patrick’s day a.k.a “my skin has turned green from too much food colouring in my food and beer day” with The Sketch Republic!
For such an important social-political holiday we’re brining in one of Canada’s most prolific and delightful sketch comedy duos: Peter n’ Chris1
And while we won’t be encouraging you to wear your best “Kiss me I’m Irish” T-shirts and green mardi-gras beads, we WILL be encouraging you come in for some good craic and have a laff while sipping on an emerald green beer.
Get a load of these possibly Irish descendants featured on the bill!
Peter ‘n Chris 
Pickle Party
God Damn Bear
Hosted by Rachel Gendron
Party starts at 8pm Friday March 17 @ Theatre Sainte-Catherine
$6 for Students (at the door only)
About Peter n’ Chris
Peter n’ Chris (Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson) are a 3 time Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch troupe from Vancouver BC (Best Sketch Troupe and Best Comedic Play 2013/2014). They have performed in acclaimed festivals such as Just For Laughs, JFL42, The San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival and the Chicago Sketch Fest. They were a featured act at the 2013 and 2014 Toronto Sketch festival where they earned back to back “Audience Choice” awards. They are contributing writers to CBC Radio 1’s sketch comedy show The Irrelevant Show, CBC Punchline, have contributed video content to CollegeHumor, and write for the webseries White Ninja staring Paul Scheer
Peter n’ Chris also frequently tour the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit where they earn frequent Best of Fest Awards, having built a large following across Canada and the U.S for their fast-paced, cinematic and extremely physical style that pushes comedic theatre to its limits.

About The Sketch Republic

The Sketch Republic was founded with one purpose in mind: laughter and good times FOREVER. Each month a brigade of sketch comedy invades Montreal venues to enforce our comedy regime. It’s a comedic destination for guttural laughter, grab your passport and head on over to The Sketch Republic for some government sanctioned smirks, grins and guffaws. 

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