Art-Up XV: Four Generations by Kay Noele and Cam Forbes


Four Generations by Kay Noele and Cam Forbes

Originally from Saskatchewan, textile artist Kay Noele learned how to quilt from her mother and grandmother when the backing of a beloved heirloom needed replacing. Soon, her home was regularly filled with cousins and aunties stitching around a make-shift quilt frame. When Noele moved to Montreal, the project to give each new baby a quilt of their own became a trans-Canadian project, with patchwork travelling from Cornerbrook, Newfoundland to the Gulf Islands in British Columbia, being cut, shaped, and sewn a little bit at a time.

“Four Generations” will showcase three of the 16 quilts that Noele, Forbes and the women of their family have stitched for new members over the past five yeas. Four paintings by artist Cam Forbes will accompany the quilts.

Theatre Sainte Catherine Café-Bar
Vernissage: Tuesday Jan 9th, 2018 5 à 7
Exhibition: Jan 9th – March 10th, 2018

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