Ladyfest Montreal 2018

September 3-9, 2018

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Ladyfest Montreal is a celebration of funny people. Born out of a desire to showcase the hilarious and talented female comedians in Montreal and beyond. In two short years our festival has grown into a week-long comedy love-in. Ladyfest 2018 will bring together stand-up comics, improvisers, sketch comedians, and storytellers ready to take you by storm!

We include acts of all ilks, backgrounds and perspectives in our seven-day bash of merriment. In the spirit of inclusivity, Ladyfest 2018 will feature fellow celebrators of ladies and allies to the cause.

Our pal and mascot Narnie the Narwhal is a noble beast of comedy. Only 15% of female narwhals are able to grow tusks, which is comparable to the percentage of female headlining comedians in Canada, making Narnie our ideal host. We invite all funny ladies to sharpen their tusks on our stage and pierce the ice ceiling. Come cry laughter tears with us and bring out your inner bodacious sea creature!

Ladyfest wishes it went without saying, but we would like to explicitly state that we insist on a warm welcoming environment to all. One love. No jerks.