Queer McGill presents: Drag and Burlesque

Queer McGill

Doors open at 6:30pm, and the show starts at 7:00pm. Admission is free.

Drag n’ Burlesque is back March 22nd! What is Drag n’ Burlesque? We’re glad you asked! It is a drag, burlesque and performance art show annually put on by Queer McGill. All levels of experience (or non-experience) are welcomed and adored. We encourage anyone with an interest to perform; it is a completely judgement and rejection free space. Have we convinced you to want to perform? Fantastic! Contact eventscoordinator.qm@gmail.com about all performances as well as questions.

Not feeling like performing a sultry number onstage? That’s so OK! No pressure. After our performers show us their skills, we will be opening the floor to some karaoke! Sing solo! Sing a duet! Become the new *NSYNC or Destiny’s Child for all we care! Enjoy yourselves! Otherwise, just visit the cafe-bar, sit back, relax, and enjoy the night how you know best.

Accessibility Info: This venue and its bathrooms are located on the first floor. The venue is located minutes from the Berri-UQAM metro (a wheel-chair accessible metro station). There is approximately a 1 inch bump at the threshold of the door. The venue has their own homemade ramp. Changing rooms are upstairs. If you need a private space to change for a performance or otherwise, please let us know to find a way to accommodate you.

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