Tales of Lust, Madness and Death



August 26th

Tales of Lust, Madness and Death, it’s the expression of ecstasy, transfiguration and power.  It’s the quiet despair, the freedom without consciousness.
The endless cravings and the beauty of transitions.

The varieté show where the delirium takes all its manifestations, with:

  • Aria Delanoche (Burlesque)
  • Baron von Styck (Burlesque)
  • Martin “The Stretcher” (Contortionist)
  • Dunter Franck (Shibari artist)
  • Geraldina Mendez (Opera singer)
  • Eldritch Mór (Burlesque)
  • Sis Void (Fire performer/Dancer)
  • Marie-Paule Grimaldi (Poet)
  • Velvet La Touche (Hostess)
Online (20$+tax)
At the door (25$)
Doors open at 7:30pm
Show at 9:00pm
Image by Wiktor Sadowski (for the Warsaw Theater)

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