The Sketch Republic: Virtual Re-haha-lity



The Sketch Republic: Virtual Re-haha-lity 

January 11, 2018 – 8pm

Has boring old real life on physical earth passed its expiration date? Has the wintry cold and snow paired with the bleak news report got you mega down? Why not JOIN US in a brand new virtual reality* full of good times and hilarious people wearing dumb wigs! Way better! 

Welcome to the future pals! It’s bright and beautiful and it’s hilarious!*

Featuring from “real life” these stellar troupes!

The Hibberson Twins 
> Laura Buchanan & Dimitri Kyres <

Great Toe
> Pat Gourdeau, Philippe Gourdeau, Isobel Cully & Derek Colley<

HOT RAW FIRE (Performing their Chicago Sketchfest set!)
> Deirdre Trudeau, Paul Naiman, Lise Vigneault, Danny Belair & Jacob Greco<

Hosted by VR King Rodney Ramsey who is also presenting a short film……IN VR!!!

Tickets: $8 / $6 for any student


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