The United States of America Doesn’t Exist



October 4-5-6, 2018


The United States of America Doesn’t Exist

“May you live in interesting times”

-Chinese Proverb

Inspired by the ancient Greek sex comedy “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes, this follows the story of “Lise de Shlaga”, a québecoise woman who decides to stop shopping and sets off a string of personal and political actions that change her friends and her society forever.

A dramatic comedy about our techno-crazed consumptive world.

Written by Alain Mercieca

Starring Sandi Armstrong, Catherine Moreau, Paul Naiman, Maité Sinave, Travis Cannon and Rena Taylor.

Music: Adalia Pemberton-Smith, Ben Brimacombe and Isaac Josephicus Smeele.

Set Design: Odrey Bégin

Poster: Wiktoria Swiecicka

Tickets – OCTOBER 4 – 8PM

Tickets – OCTOBER 5 – 8PM

Tickets – OCTOBER 6 – 8PM

15$ regular – 10$ for students (with ID, only at the door)

@Theatre Sainte-Catherine, 264 Sainte-Catherine Est (Metro Berri-UQAM)

Le Nouveau International

“Theatre for people who hate theatre”