Character Development with Lise Vigneault



Indie film and T.V. actress, sketch comedian and Improv vet Lise Vigneault is known for her myriad of kooky characters both as part her 9 year tenure at famed ‘punk rock’ theatre company, Le Nouveau International and as part of her countless solo performances and comedic collaborations over the years.

Extreme physicality is Lise’s signature style, and it’s where she draws her inspiration from when developing a new funny character.

Through body and voice work Lise’s workshop is designed to help performers find that ‘other you’ that hides behind our fears of looking stupid and bring it proudly to the surface where it can inspire others to look stupid too!

Lise’s teaching style is collaborative and nurturing. In her classes there are no dumb ideas, everything an be used for inspiration and she encourages all to let go of our obsessions with ‘looking cool’ and GIVE ‘ER!

Every Sunday, Oct 15-Nov 12

1:30 – 4:30 PM

20$/Class or 75$ for all 5 Classes

Suite 220 @ the lofts on 137 Rue St-Ferdinand.  Metro Place St-Henri. 20$ per class, Space is limited so please sign up now.

Please send an email to for more information or to confirm your place in the workshop.

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