Improvisation and Acting Workshop with Sandi and Heidi!


Sandi Armstrong and Heidi Lynne Weeks join forces to teach a workshop this fall!
Sandi was trained by Keith Johnstone at the world renowned Loose Moose Theatre Company in Calgary and has been teaching and playing for over 20 years. Heidi is a professionally trained actress who trained and performed with the Vancouver Theatre Sports League.  These two ladies have played in theatres around the world.  Most recently they taught and performed in Austria for the Dog and Fish Festival. This unique workshop is a two for one.  Both of them will be team teaching this session.  Focusing on what they hold dear. A main meal of storytelling and spicing up the dish with character work.  We all have different characters waiting to emerge.  We will take them on a journey.  Explore the use of formats while remaining in the now and creating good habits so that ultimately we can leave all the rules at the door and play. Let’s train our body and brain while having a laugh.

From Saturday September 30 until Saturday November 4th

Saturdays 1-4 PM

at Theatre Sainte-Catherine, 264 rue Sainte-Catherine Est, metro Berri Uqam

Please send an email to for more information or to confirm your place in the workshop.

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