Saturday April 22nd :: 8PM :: $8 in advance (tickets below) & $10 at the door

BREAKING: Mayor Kelly Kay has skipped town after being found out as the author of The Joketown Crier’s foremost and and definitely foremost saucy Gossip Column. The flagstone articles, which had taken a political turn in the past month reporting the confidential goings-on in the Joketown Offices, were the ones to reveal that Kay was the culprit. Witnesses say the Mayor sped off on a motorcycle at dawn, shouting, « No one breaks a story about me but me! » Officials have not been able to pinpoint her location, but her most recent column spoke in depth about a fantastic celebrity watch spot in Seriousville.

Thus, the Mayoral post is in limbo once again- just in time for election season! Thus, a series of brand new candidates have stepped up to the plate to compete in her place. 

This month some of the greatest artist-comedian-actors of Montreal have splintered off to build skyscrapers of hilarity in JOKETOWN, a short comedy show wherein the cast will write, produce, and perform FOUR BRAND NEW COMEDIES in LESS THAN A WEEK to stake their claims for political/satirical supremacy. Come exercise your democratic right to vote- the mayor IS elected by audience applause after all!

The candidates joining us for this round are:
Sehar Manji
Iain MacNeil
Alison Naturale
Dimitri Kyres
Sijia Ye
Seth Galina
Belliveau Coco
Scott Andrew Carter
Eve Majzels
Paul Solomon
Nicky Fournier
Andy Assaf

Who will be… the new… MAYOR OF JOKETOWN?


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