The Sketch Republic: The Not-Dead Poets Society

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Saturday, November 11 at 8 PM

A lot of things have left us.

R.I.P -> Disco, Hi-C, Saying “Waaasssuuup” like in that Budweiser commercial…

But thank the good lord baby Jezus POETRY has not died! No sir, nope not poety my friend. The poets have been going strong like a Dodge Tundra hulling gravel to your favourite build site.

We’ve gathered the finest sketch comedy poets from across the land to create laughter poetry art and to prove once again that life. is. beautiful.

On the bill is:

Emma Overton
James Watts
Nancy Webb
Travis Cannon

Goddamn Bear ~
Dimitri Keyes
Andy Assaf
Laura Buchanan
Jason Grimmer

Jacob Greco
Lise Vigneault
Dierdre Trudeau
Paul Naiman

Hosted by: The reason we know what poetry is -> Alain Mercieca

8pm @ Theatre Sainte Catherine

Tickets: $8 / $6 for any kind of student (at the door)

*FREE ENTRY* if you bring a copy of “Le Bateau ivre” signed by Rimbaud himself.