Two Workshops by Mia Moller


Mia Møller (Copenhagen, Denmark)

A graduate of Aarhus University (Denmark) in Dramaturgy and Media (2006).

Mia has been involved with improv since 2001 in Denmark and in festivals around Europe: Norway, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Spain, France and Slovenia. Both as performer, teacher and student. She also took a 7 day workshop with Keith Johnstone in Denmark. She is now a part of an international EU project with one improv participant from each of the 28 EU countries. The project has performed ensemble and duo work in Slovenia and Germany about lives in the EU.

Regarding formats she is interested in various long form formats, montage and Storytelling.

“I think improv is living moment to moment. You have to risk putting yourself out there and have faith in your partner and yourself.  We shall take care of each other on stage.”


Focus on your partner

Dates: October 9th 7-9 PM, October 13th 2-4 PM – 25$

A workshop where we will focus on the relation with our scene partner, specifically dealing with non-verbal, exploring how little can be said and still understood. We will work on being truthful to the moment and how to play from what is already in the scene. Scenes can still be funny, but the comedy is not our goal, we focus more on the importance of staying grounding in what is happening, staying connected to our partner and treating the moment in an honest way.

This workshop is taught in English but open to all languages.

Storytelling and openings

October 6th 2-4 PM @le Nouveau Studio – 25$

We will work on telling many stories together. How to open the floodgates of storytelling and how stories lead to themes that will lead to different scenes and moments in a montage or long form.

We will also work on stage openings such as monologues, group games etc. that can inspire us to then jump into a longer format and deeper storytelling.

This workshop finishes with a long form improvisation.