The café

Since 2014, Théâtre Sainte-Catherine is home of a friendly café-bar where teachers, students, friends, workers and residents come to enjoy a delicious grilled cheese or converse over a cup of coffee.

During the day, the theater transforms its seats for large work tables and welcomes students, workers, actors rehearsing indie theatre and any and all human beings under the sun!


Théâtre Sainte-Catherine’s café-bar offers a comforting and diverse menu, with a delicious range of decandent pastries, hearty soups, healthy salads and filling sandwiches. All are prepared on site, with fresh ingredients, an emphasis on fair trade and local suppliers. Our chefs are dedicated to creating fine and affordable good times’ food for all.

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Local and imported beers, red and white wine, cocktails, juices, sodas

Ungava Gin, Chic Choc Spiced Rum, Kamouraska Vodka, Jameson Whiskey, Tequila el Jimador, Jägermeister


Our coffees: Kittel. Located in Montreal (on Fullum street) Kittel Coffee focuses on developing rigorous techniques that redefine how coffee is roasted in Montreal.

Our espresso: le Fullum (milk chocolate, praline peanuts, berries) / Brazil
Our filtered coffee: Cachoiera da Grama (bittersweet chocolate, black cherries, pecan) / Brazil

Our teas: Camellia Sinensis. Camellia Sinensis. Offering top quality teas, Camellia Sinensis imports a variety of tea and herbal infusions from China, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Japan.

Our infusions: Dragon Pearls, Huiming, Earl Grey, Assam Breakfast, Roïbos, Mint, Discovery

Our bread and croissants: ArHoma. ArHoma Bakery, located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve’s neighborhood, is invested in the quality, freshness and originality of its products.

Our dairy supplier: La Laiterie Chagnon. Chagnon’s whole milk arises from a traditional process of pasteurization that consists in keeping a maximum of natural and lively bacteria; bacteria that are beneficial in multiple ways. The Laiterie Chagnon cooperative is one of the last independent dairy producers in Québec.

Our fruits and vegetables: Melon Rond greengrocer’s.  Located a couple of streets away from our theatre, Melon Rond is a vibrant and quaint store with fresh and local products.

other suppliers:

© Photos: Ian Woo