Studio Béluga is a non-profit organization run by a collective of artists, art professionals and curators, established with the goal of facilitating artistic practices and forming a self-pedagogical creative community. We strive to generate new opportunities across disciplines through programming that includes exhibitions, and public events. With the board of directors spread across Canada in Montreal, Toronto, Brandon and Vancouver, exhibitions and events take on the challenge of countering traditional gallery models, and fostering creative possibilities that draw from the nomadic nature of the collective.

ART-UP! XX  : Day dreamerz by lez autres

Day Dreamerz is an artistic retrospective of a project that began as a month-long Instagram experiment, and has since evolved into a three-year exploration–a deep dive into the world populated by Lez Autres.

This project is the outcome of a fluid and organic process, presenting a universe of evolution and endless possibilities for the characters within it. It is a peek inside the artist’s mind—an invitation into a dream state.

It is inspired by large spaces, the nuances between hyper-femininity and hyper-masculinity, the fluidity and plurality of gender, movement, pop culture, and romance in all its forms. The drawing style is crude and spontaneous, emphasizing process over outcome. There is love transmitted through the artist’s gesture at the time of making, evoking broad emotions. The works are a celebration of the beautiful complexity of human relationships

Instagram: @lezautres



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