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octobre 7@22:00 - 23:59

until death we do art poster

A final night of artistic improvisation. A celebration of our guests and also a few special titans from the local scene. This night is one in which our most theatrical and artistic formats will reign supreme. Improv is ART and we will be there to make you feel stories and a connection like none other. Laughter, cries, cries of laughter with a spiciness of anger because your drink is too spicy and you told the bartender time and time again not to do it spicy. We don’t need to describe it, you just need to live it. A megafun night awaits.

8-9:30pm: Val Nogalo’s Finale d’impro!

10-10:30pm: Tandem Jump Does Improv For the First Time

10:30-11:30pm: Bilingual Murderdog Finale!


Part I of III

Part II – Duel Francophone at 9.30pm

Part III – Finale 11.30pm


Date :
octobre 7
Heure :
22:00 - 23:59
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