Simon Leblanc – En rodage


Oct 15th, 22nd, Nov 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, Dec 4th, 13th, 17th, 19th 8PM



24-Hour Plays!


Saturday , May 9th, 8pm

Le Nouveau International is proud to present another mind-boggling, bilingual edition of the 24 HOUR PLAY, where starving hearts from all walks of life spend one sun and moon cycle writing, rehearsing, and producing an entirely original piece of brain-melting theatre. For this edition, we will have 6 writers creating 6 original pieces of theatre for your viewing pleasure. These ephemeral creations will be presented one single time, so don't miss your chance!


Sunday Night Improv

SNI poster

Every Sunday at 8pm

Le Nouveau International presents...

Montreal's Favourite Weekly Improv Show

Improvisers are selected at random to be in scenes which are then scored by the audience. Those with the lowest scores are eliminated until there is only ONE survivor!


Les Lundis


Every Monday at 8pm

Le Nouveau International presents IMPROV

Les Lundis

A weekly improv show that brings together some of the finest improvisers at Theatre Ste-Catherine. Les Lundis puts the improvisers in the director's chair as the audience decides whether their scenes are worthy or not. If they...


Nerd Nite


Tuesday October 28th, 7PM to 9PM

Nerd Nite is like seeing three TED talks, except the talks are modest about being world-changing ideas and you may or may not be drinking beer. The franchise of Nerd Nite had its inception in New York City and has since spread to the order of one-hundred cities all over the world. Montreal was not one of them... until now! Nerd Nite will hopefully become a monthly event, but that's contingent upon the success of this premiere. The...




Tuesdays at 8:30pm
The Grinders collective will be work shopping: new sketches, new material, new shows, new characters, entire plays. Literally anything could happen. Where art is born every week.
An open mic where all kinds of arts are accepted, in all languages, Stand-up, music, film, monologue, improv, sketch, magic, poetry,...


Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

November 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 2014
Presented by Raise the Stakes Theatre and Jubilee Theatre

Shakespeare's classic comedy, is a joyous celebration abundant with romance, sparring wits, deception, and misunderstanding. It centers on young Hero and Claudio, who become immediately enraptured with each other when the men return victorious from war. Benedick and Beatrice, on the other hand, vow to...


Sketch Comedy Weekend!!!

Sketch Comedy Weekend

Montreal Sketchfest presents: Sketch Comedy Weekend! November 13th, 14th & 15th

Some of our favorite troupes from Montreal Sketchfest 2014 are coming back for a jam-packed weekend of PURE COMEDY. Featuring Toronto's Ladystache (winners of the 2014 Just for Laughs award at Montreal Sketchfest 2014), Vest of Friends, The Reception and a whole heap of hilarious local sketch troupes. More information to come!


Fred Dubé en rappel – L’ignorance fait plus de victimes que le cancer


November 20th & December 11th

Québecois politically charged stand-up comedian Fred Dubé remounts his popular show from this summer's Zoofest. *Please note that this show takes place in French.