The Sandi Armstrong Workshops

The Storytelling Improv Workshop with Sandi Armstrong

Maite Sinave en classe

In this workshop, we focus on developing our improv skills through the art of storytelling.

Through a series of exercises and games, we will explore the fundamentals of storytelling, such as character development, plot structure, and narrative. 

We will also work on improvisation techniques that will help us to think on our feet and respond in the moment.




Sandi Armstrong, an experienced improviser, and storyteller will guide you through this exciting journey of self-discovery and creative exploration. Her unique approach to teaching combines the best of both worlds, drawing on the rich philosophy of storytelling improv and the fun of games and play. 

Whether you are an experienced improviser or a beginner or have never even tried improv; this workshop is for you. You will acquire the tools you need to engage and connect with your fellow classmates that will captivate your audience. You will ultimately leave with a deeper understanding of the art of improv and yourself.

5 week storytelling workshop

Mondays 6-9pm Jan 29-Feb 26



Sandi directly at to sign up or for more info. 

Improv intensive with Sandi Armstrong-PLATFORMS AND TILTS

Sandi Armstrong giving the Sunday Night Imrpov Workshop
Sandi Armstrong Directing
This Improv intensive is a unique and exciting course that helps participants develop their improv storytelling skills by emphasizing the use of Platform and Tilt.
Students will learn how to build relationships and develop compelling narratives by creating meaningful platforms and dynamic tilts.
By the end of the intensive, participants will have a strong foundation in improvisational storytelling, as well as a toolkit of techniques and strategies they can use to continue developing their skills.
Basic improv experience required.
Limited spots available
Intensive in english
Saturday February 17
Sunday February 18

Fee: $100 tax included

Email Sandi directly at
to sign up or for more info. 


Sandi directly at 

to sign up or for more info.