The Show

In 2012, we launched Lundis d’impro, dedicated to French-language improvisation. With over 10 years’ experience, our workshop leaders lead a unique collaborative experience in Montreal, focusing on understanding the improvisation process and fostering synergy between participants.

Everyone is welcome – beginners and experts alike – giving veterans and rookies the opportunity to learn from each other. Our style of instruction is based on Keith Johnstone’s (Loose Moose Theatre, Calgary) method, in which players take full responsibility for the stage by emphasizing the most important elements of the story: dynamic relationships between characters, narration and scenes.

8pm The Show

ADMISSION : 13$ online, 15$ at the door if tickets are remaining.

Limited seating reserve online

The show is a logical extension of the workshop. Up to 4 participants are selected according to their skill level. They are joined by our favorite troupe of Montreal improvisers to present a unique show each week. The combination of experts and apprentices creates an atmosphere where anything can happen – and that’s the true spirit of improv!


Our shows are inspired by the “Survivor”, “Gorilla” and “Theatresports” styles, where the importance of voting is paramount; the audience decides whether a scene is good or horrible, without embarrassment or pressure.

Always entertaining, Les Lundis d’Impro guarantees a good show where your participation and contribution will make all the difference!

Join our community and revolutionize the world of improvisation with us!