Sunday night Improv Poster


Our show is a natural extension of the workshop. A regular rotation of some of Montreal’s most talented improvisers always perform, including Sandi Armstrong, Alain Mercieca, Heidi Lynne Weeks, Maité Sinave, Mariana Vial, Adalia Pemberton, Solly Krygier-Paine, Kristina Guevarra, Mason Persaud, Shanthony Exum, Nicky Fournier and Jeremy Lewis .  On top of having seasoned improvisers, we also have the new birds that walk in for the first time and steal the show. You could just literally show up and get thrown in the fire of a live show with no script! It has led to many amazing walk-in, home run hitters and creates an awesome “anything can happen” spirit, which is the backbone to improv.

Always entertaining, Sunday Night Improv promises a good time for audiences who are welcome to contribute to the show through their suggestions and voting.

Sandi Armstrong and Mason Persaud
May performers on stage
Performers in a scene
Performers in a scene
Nguyen, Jeremy, Kristina, Lauria
Audience laughing at the show
Performers in a scene