Montreal’s Favourite Weekly Improv Show


Improvisers are selected at random to be in scenes which are then scored by the audience.
Those with the lowest scores are eliminated until there is only ONE survivor!




Theatre Ste. Catherine is home to Montreal’s longest running free improv workshop – with over 10 years of experience under our belts, our skilled workshop leaders offer an entirely collaborative experience that focuses on creating a sense of process for individual improvisers and fostering a sense of community amongst those who participate.

We welcome performers ranging from beginner to expert into the mix, making for a unique opportunity that allows veterans and debutantes to learn from one another. Our instruction style is based on Keith Johnstone’s (LooseMoose Theatre, Calgary) method of improv which places the responsibility on performers to hone in on the most important elements of the story, including the dynamic relationships between characters, narrative and setting – so that every scene is engaging for audiences.

After the evening show, all players assemble for a detailed notes session, which functions as the denouement of a day of  improv. The show is pulled apart scene by scene and players are given personalized notes highlighting their strengths and things they can work on for future performances.


Our show is a natural extension of the workshop. 8-12 participants are selected based on their level of improv.
A regular group of some of Montreal’s most talented improvisers always perform, including Sandi Armstrong, Heidi Lynn Weeks, Maité Sinave, Josh Budman and Paul Naiman. On top of having seasoned improvisers, we also have the new birds that walk in for the first time and steal the show. Literally, you could just show up and get thrown in the fire of a live show with no script!  It has led to many amazing walk-in, homerun hitters and creates an awesome “anything can happen” spirit, which is the backbone to improv.

Our shows vary from Survivor, Gorilla, Theatresports – but they always place a heavy importance on the audience voting and deciding what was good and what was not good, and letting everyone know about it.

Always entertaining, Sunday Night Improv promises a good time for audiences who are welcomed to contribute to the show through their suggestions and voting.


Another thing that makes our Sunday Night Improv shows unique for both improvisors and audience members are the people that run the venue and the show. Sunday Night Improv has become a community centre for artists of all stripes in Montreal. Our night has been the springboard for an arsenal of artists, from FUBAR, to the BITTER END, and now a new generation of improvisers have made Sunday Night a place where they collaborate, hang out, drink cheap beer, get connected, talk shop and find their feet as performers. It’s a space that allows for a comfortable working environment to be birthed.

Join the community
and start the improv revolution already!

photos by Joseph Ste. Marie


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